Team & Staff A Dynamic Team for the Success of Your Event

A fantastic location, an innovative congress center, and memorable events all require individuals who bring our vision to life. The team in the Ferry Porsche Congress Center is not only experienced and reliable but, above all, committed to one goal: to ensuring that your event comes to life exactly as you envisioned it during the planning process.

Patricia Smolean

Project Manager

T: +43 6542 47475 102

"My mission here as a Project Manager and Green Meeting representative is: with heart, mind, creativity, and a touch of humor to accompany, encourage, and inspire every organizer at our venue to host a sustainable event. I am the proud mother of a little Ronia-Robbers daughter, which strengthens the troubleshooter in me, and combined with professionalism, it contributes to the success of every event!"

Susanne Snouck

Project Manager

T: +43 6542 47475 101

"I love to fulfill wishes right away - miracles may take a little bit longer. Together with my colleagues, we sometimes work wonders to turn your business or private event into a beautiful memory!"

Julia Hollohan

Project Manager

T: +43 6542 47475 106

“Positive energy + Natural enthusiasm + Native English speaker = A versatile Project Manager dedicated to helping you transform your vision into an unforgettable event! Alongside our team, I look forward to supporting you in making your event at the FPCC a resounding success!”

Ralf Caspary

Event Technician

T: +43 6542 47475

"My job requires precision and attentiveness, so my eyes are always open, even beyond the realm of event technology. Sound is my true passion, which is why I enjoy being DJ in my free time!"

Thomas Egger

Event Technology Partner EVANTS

T: +43 660 231 3782

"As a partner of the FPCC, I place great emphasis on ensuring that every event excels in terms of technology. We pride ourselves on setting high standards with state-of-the-art projectors, microphones, sound systems, and video technology. Our LED wall is the centerpiece!”

Jens Hünerjäger

Technical Manager FREGES

T: +43 6542 78512

"As a safety officer and expert in fire protection, safety within the facility is my core focus. In my private life, I am a passionate photographer, capturing the beauty of the region and the contrasts surrounding the FPCC through my pictures.”

Mag. Oliver Stärz

Managing Director

T: +43 6542 47475 108

“Our venue, its history, and, above all, the paths we have taken towards the future, are extraordinary and set us apart. Our team is driven to share these values with you and provide you with high-quality service throughout the planning and execution of your event!”

Uwe Edlinger

Operations Manager

T: +43 6542 47475 105

"As the Operations Manager at the Ferry Porsche Congress Center since 2017, I am deeply committed to the ongoing growth and advancement of the local event and conference industry. My priority is to maintain the FPCC's relevance by implementing innovative concepts and keeping it up to date with the latest developments. I place great importance on networking and introducing clients to the concept of the national park to emphasize the natural beauty of the surrounding area.”

Annika Schrom

Assistant to the Managing Director

T: +43 6542 47475 106

“In my role as an assistant, I strive to provide strong support to the management team. However, at heart, I am a ski instructor and I love spending time in the mountains and in nature. It serves as a great balance to my office job and allows me to embrace the beauty of this amazing region!”