A fine view and a speedy ascent

The mountain is calling: On 365 days a year, Schmittenhöhe offers the very best conditions for activity and relaxation. And the optimum starting point for the ascent is within easy walking distance from the Ferry Porsche Congress Center. There is no need to conquer those 2,000 metres of altitude on foot: a cable car takes visitors up to the summit very comfortably.

Whirling up the snow: from December to the middle of April, the picturesque mountain panorama in blue and white plays all its trumps. As many as 77 kilometres of pistes of all levels of difficulty make all Alpine skiers' and boarders' hearts leap. And special snowshoes turn the way to the mountain top on one's own two feet into an 'ice-cold pleasure' - especially when you stop to take a look at the breathtaking view of the valley.