Joint strength and a surge of adrenalin

Strengthening one's character, boosting the team spirit: mastering extreme situations as a team will weld a group together and widen the participants' horizon. At canyoning, caving, or on the high-ropes course, everybody is required to join forces in order to conquer the various abysses. Dark caves, white waters, and wobbly rope bridges will surely push you to the limit. Various obstacles at dizzy heights are waiting for brave climbers at the high-ropes course.

Quick decisions, improvising skills, and a great deal of concentration are much in demand not only during this 'tightrope act'. Caving takes your team deep into dark caves. Step by step you venture into the eerie, dark silence of the limestone massif, 1,680 metres below the surface. 
Canyoning means fighting one's way through a gorge - by swimming in white waters, climbing and sliding across the rocks. Surges of adrenalin are guaranteed in all these nerve-racking out-door experiences.