Well-rested, in top form, and perfectly happy

Visitors attending the various events stand to gain from the perfect service offered by the premium partner hotels of the Ferry Porsche Congress Center. 1,700 beds in the four-star and five-star segment guarantee complete rest and comfort for every participant even during really big events. Consequently, sleepless nights for the organizers are a thing of the past. Blue waves on the lake or a snow-white mountain massif: even the question about your favourite view is hard to answer considering the multi-facetted landscape.

And you can get any additional high-class equipment for your room that you desire. Whether you would like an open fireplace or an integrated sauna - no wishes will stay unfulfilled. An extensive range of service offers will make every single guest smile with contentment. Your everyday grind will disappear into thin air in the hotels' own spa baths, at massaging or during a fitness cure.