Innovative room layouts black on white

The Ferry Porsche Congress Center starts the year 2020 with an innovation, it is a new virtual reality tool (VR). This software offers customers the opportunity to walk and experience the FPCC by means of a virtual tour.

Whether at trade fairs or customer appointments, the use of the VR tool is diverse and revolutionary. The virtual tour even eliminates the need to visit the house and can save a lot of time, money and resources. Of course, the great sustainability aspect must not be forgotten here. Upon request, the corresponding VR glasses can also be sent to the customer to allow them to immerse themselves in the ambience of the house

In order to get useful information in addition to the visual impressions, this technology has room information, a room overview and a seating overview. With the room information, all data of a room, such as description, dimensions, seating capacity, are displayed immediately. The room overview structures all rooms according to location and type in columns and thus offers a good overview of all rooms. In the seating overview, all room-seating combinations with the maximum number of people are shown in a clear matrix and a click on the number of people opens a panorama of the respective room.

Convince yourself and get the glasses here

Here, you find the different room layouts of the Ferry Porsche Congress Center and the various possibilities of use including the maximum number of visitors.

Room Layout Examples

Red Box 1 - Gala angled tables

Red Box 1 - Gala round tables

Red Box 1 - Cinema style

Red Box I - classroom style

Red Box I+II - Gala angled tables

Red Box I+II - Gala round tables

Red Box I+II - cinema style

Red Box I+II - classroom style

Red Box & Green Box - Gala angled tables

Red Box & Green Box - Gala round tables

Red Box & Green Box - cinema style

Red Box & Green Box - class room style

Blue Boxen 1 bis 5 - individual

Blue Box 1-3 - classroom style

Blue Box 3-4 - Gala angled tables

Blue Box 4-5 - cinema style