'Facts, facts, facts' for a perfect event

Whether it is a concert, a vernissage or a conference: the interior of the FPCC adapts easily to the requirements of any particular event. On an overall area of 1,360 square metres, up to eight rooms are available as separate units. Up to 700 visitors can be seated at tables while the arrangement of the chairs in rows allows for accommodating even 1,000 guests. A special highlight is the 800-square-metre open-air area with the picturesque Alpine panorama as a background. 

If you decide to bring your own car, you can leave it in one of the parking spaces in the underground car park of the center - you don't even have to walk far. And there are further captivating details beside the top-notch equipment. The platform and the delivery access to the platform, for example, have been designed on one level, without any difference in height. This means that the technical equipment and the props can be set up quickly and without any detours.

Brief Information (PDF)