History & Construction

A perfect metamorphosis: in just 14 months the ultramodern Ferry Porsche Congress Center was built in the town center of Zell am See. At the end of the year 2005 there was not a single trace to be seen of the ambitious project - in September 2007 the Congress Center was already inaugurated in a great opening ceremony. The innovative building owes its creation to the visionary forces of the region. The architects of the Congress Center are the only people involved who do not come from Austria, but from Germany.

'Perler und Scheurer' and their colleagues of 'G + S Giesecke und Schetter' are in charge of the project. Both are experienced German planning offices. Regional contractors like 'HV-Bau' and 'Eurofunk Kappacher' then turned the architects' plans into reality. There was already a great deal of enthusiasm about when the first sod was cut in May 2006. 'The Congress Center is another exquisite detail adding to the diversity of the region', said Dr Wolfgang Porsche, son of the late eponym.