The Ferry Porsche Congress Center App

Wondering which hall to choose? Take a virtual tour - on your iPad!

Nowadays, it‘s considered good manners - having an app, that is. To some people, the added value of having some such small tool on one‘s smart phone or tablet may yet be a mystery. It‘s a different story when it comes to the brand new FPCC App, though. The Ferry Porsche Congress Center team really thought this thing through and came up with an optimised tool for their present and potential future customers - available just now as iPad version.

Go ahead. Take a look! Whether you are interested in seating arrangements or choosing the right room, whether you are looking for technical details or need to get in touch with staff at the Center, the app contains all details and facts! That‘s going to be so much easier for you than searching for it all on a mobile website. Event planners and coordinators now have the best tool at their disposal to discuss the various options their clients can choose from.

Naturally, the FPCC App allows all those who are curious and eager to find out things, to look behind the scenes as well. One can take a glance at an artist‘s dressing room or at the underground car park. Just like on the Ferry Porsche Congress Center website, where taking a virtual tour has proven to be rather popular, visitors can now take one on their mobile devices as well.

Download the App now from the App Store.